jui is a tool for creating Java GUI layout components. It has a powerful but simple layout algorithm and support for the Swing look and feel guidelines.

jui is licensed under the GPL, and requires Java 1.4 to run.

Visit the project homepage on SourceForge to make feature requests or report problems.


November 29

  • This project is no longer being actively developed.

April 3

  • 0.6 officially out.

April 2

  • Source generation is complete, and I almost released 0.6. However, a couple of nasty bugs turned up at the last minute and the release will have to wait a bit longer. Apologies to those who snuck in and downloaded before an announcement.

February 28

  • Get 0.5, if you want.
  • The initial source generation is finished. Note it requires the jui jar file to run. I worked hard on getting a GridBagLayout conversion, but it's a messier process than you might think. jui is going to work a lot differently than 0.4 indicated. I now have a clear idea of what it will be. Download and have fun, but don't expect to build anything with it.

December 29

  • It's been awhile, but I wanted to let ya'll know that jui is under active development. The lack of recent releases is due to some fundamental changes in the way the program works. You will be happy to know that jui's new file format will be source based (.java or .class files) and will convert from jui's BoxTreeLayout to GridBagLayout. This will remove dependencies on jui in your program. Hopefully more in the near future.

October 27

  • 0.4 is here
  • New website

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Many thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project.


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